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Associated Real Estate License Numbers:
Ecuadorian Real Estate License # 260-G
USA Real Estate License # 475088502 (IL)

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Attorney Sara Chaca of “Ecuador Visas” has contracted a certification representative, plus two country (Ecuador & USA) Licensed Agent to assist in serving its highly distinguished Expat clientele at “EC Rent, Buy & Sell” (again as shown above our Agent has Realty licenses in BOTH Ecuador and the USA).

  • EVERY Realty and Rental Purchase selected by ANY client through “EC Rent, Buy & Sell” receives a 100% TOTALLY INCLUDED (ZERO COST) Full Real Estate Closing Service ($800-1500 VALUE)
  • Fully comprehensive Rental Contract Preparation/Review ($80-150 VALUE)



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Frequently Asked Questions

Your new life in Ecuador is presumably the most important thing in you finding happiness now,and so the following most common
(Frequent) Questions & Answers are provided as a guide for your best knowledge and understanding ahead.

  • Can I Buy or Rent Real Estate in Ecuador?

    Any foreigner can buy or rent real estate in Ecuador, and then either live in, rent out or later sell their property. It’s naturally advisable that you seek an Ecuadorian Attorney to help with your purchase (i.e. Real Estate Closing) and to make sure that the land is free of all encumbrances (i.e. debts, liens, taxes, etc.) and that the person or company whom you are buying the property from actually owns the land.

  • It's strongly advisable that you work with a Realtor, who of course can speak English. The reason being is that you are an Expat (Gringo) who is purchasing/renting a property, and so from a local’s point of view, you could also be a target for a higher price. A quality Realtor will get you the price at or near what you want to pay in most cases – we also happily refer our clients to English speaking Realtors anywhere in Ecuador (if we don't have properties available in our inventory) when one emails us requesting that.

  • Depending on the price of the property that you purchase, generally the property taxes are no more than $100-300 per year (super cheap in comparison to USA taxes -- i.e. 0.1-0.3% per year vs. 1-3% per year).

  • In Ecuador there is quite a demand for rental properties as more foreigners arrive each month. It is a fine idea to rent before you buy. This also gives you the chance to see if you like it enough to want to purchase a property. Just remember while you are pondering on whether to buy or not, prices will change and/or that much loved property you had your eye on may be or already have sold before you get around to bidding on it.

  • Yes, for a foreigner to buy a property in Ecuador, it must generally be paid for in cash. The only time you pay a down payment of say, 30%, is for a pre-construction or rather for an installment sale. Then over a period of the next 6-12 months you make monthly installments and a final payment on completion of the project or per the “Promise to Buy & Sell“ with the constructor or current owner. Financing is difficult to obtain for foreigners who purchase a property in Ecuador, though there are certain sources for Private Mortgages in Ecuador.

  • Once you have become a Resident of Ecuador, there is generally a 6 month period of time thereafter that you are allowed to bring in a Container, Lift Van or Pallet of your household goods (i.e. appliances, electronics, furniture, etc.). We're glad to refer you to a Customs Expert who speaks English upon you sending us an email.

  • Yes you can. Of course, there are certain requirements that you will need to get done, such as vaccinations for your pet, etc..Depending on which country you’re coming to Ecuador from, you may need to consult your Airline that you will be traveling with, besides your pet’s Veterinarian and your Ecuadorian Immigration Attorney. We're glad to introduce you to our head Ecuadorian Attorney via email.

  • You as the Buyer or Renter do NOT ever pay the Seller’s or Landlord's commission to the Realtor. That is INSTEAD paid by the Seller or Landlord to the Realtor, ALWAYS. And the Realtor’s job as well is to work in accommodating the most mutually satisfactory asking (Purchase or Rental) price, so as to best sync up the Buyer or Renter with the Seller or Landlord.

  • With respect to importing a vehicle into Ecuador, please see the following article’s link that recently came out on Cuenca High Life, which states that the ability to bring a vehicle into Ecuador is ONLY permitted for “returning Ecuadorian Citizens” who had/have been outside of Ecuador for at least 2 consecutive years: that being said though, please note that public transportation (i.e. bus and taxi) in Ecuador is very inexpensive and actually quite a high percentage Expats prefer to walk from place to place in most any Ecuadorian city/town, because of the very intelligently designed roads and sidewalks in the vast majority of Ecuador these days.

  • For calling from the USA, dial 011, plus 593, and then the local area code, followed by the number you wish to call. Local area codes in Ecuador are: Quito (2), Cuenca (7), Guayaquil (4), Galapagos (5), and all cellular phones (9). Inside Ecuador, each province has its own area code as detailed above, but you must add a (0) before the above shown single digit code number. Mobile phones generally have good reception in Ecuador and are extremely modern, plus roaming is available for many international phone operators. Check with your mobile phone service provider to see if you can use your current cell phone in Ecuador. GSM (with or without chip) and TDMA are the most used systems in Ecuador.

  • Ecuador uses 110/120 AC 60 Hertz. Plugs have two flat pins, like the ones in the USA Power converters and plug adapters are available for purchase in electronic stores. Main hotels frequented by international tourists use the same 110/60-cycle current as in the USA For European and Asian devices you might need an energy converter.

  • In Cuenca specifically the water supply is excellent (it's known for having the very best water in all of South America). That said, it's recommended to wait at least a week or so before drinking it directly if you have only just arrived. Reason being that our stomachs tend to need a short adjustment period and it is advisable to drink from bottled water for one's several days in Cuenca. For washing food, brushing teeth and showering, the tap water is fine to use starting from day one.


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